Accounting Standards (India)

Tally.ERP 9's Accounting Standards Checklist displays all the Accounting Standards (AS) listed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). This report helps the auditors/articles in marking the Accounting Standards applicable and their respective status of compliance for a company, along with Remarks.

To view the Accounting Standards checklist

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit Documentation > Accounting Standards.

The auditor can mark the relevant Accounting Standards by setting the Applicable and Complied columns with Yes/No.

The completed Accounting Standards Checklist is displayed as shown below:

Note: The option None can be used by an auditor/article when he decides to leave a particular Accounting Standard as blank for further clarification or to resume the update of checklist later.

The Accounting Standards is also provided for Clients under Audit & Compliance Info menu from where the users can mark the applicable Accounting Standards.

The Accounting Standards can be printed by the auditor(s)/article(s) while conducting the audit for reference.

To print the Accounting Standards

     Press Alt+P in the Accounting Standards screen.

     In the Accounting Standards Printing screen press Enter or click Yes to print the Accounting Standards.

Button options in Accounting Standards

F9: Inv Reports

Click F9: Inv Reports or press F9 to navigate to the default Inventory Reports like Godown Summary, Movement Analysis, Stock Summary and so on.

F10: Acc Reports

Click F10: Acc Reports or press F10 to navigate to the default Accounting Reports like Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Trial Balance and so on.

F10: Audit Reports

Click F10: Audit Reports or press Alt+F10 to navigate to the other Audit Reports within Statutory Audit.