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Deduction Details (TDS)

The Deduction Details section under the TDS Reports for Form 26Q or 27Q denotes the type of deduction under which each of the Included transaction is grouped.

The deduction details are classified into:

     Deduction at Normal Rate

     Deduction at Higher Rate

     Lower Rated Taxable Expense

     Zero Rated Taxable Expense

     Under Exemption Limit

     Exempt in lieu of PAN Available

The assessable value, tax deductible, and the tax deducted for transactions grouped in the above categories are displayed here.

To view the Deduction Details

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > TDS Reports > Form 26Q or Form 27Q.

2.    Select the required deduction under Deduction Details, and press Enter.

The Deduction Details screen appears as shown below:

To view the PAN number of each deductee

1.    Click F12:Configure.

2.    Set the option Show PAN Number to Yes.

The Deduction Details screen with PAN numbers appears as shown below: