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FAQ on Banking

This topic provides all FAQ related to Banking, including e-payments, reconciliation, and cheque printing.

1.    How to remove opening BRS after splitting the company data?

2.    How do I print bank details in payment voucher?

3.    Which banks are supported with the e-banking feature in Tally.ERP 9?

4.    How to print cheques?

5.    How to print selected cheques?

6.    How to configure cheque printing?

7.    How do I use the Auto Bank Reconciliation feature in Tally.ERP 9?

8.    Is a valid Tally.NET subscription required to configure cheque printing?

9.    Is internet connection mandatory for configuring cheques in Tally.ERP 9?

10.  Can a scanned copy of the cancelled cheque be sent to update the latest cheque format in Tally.ERP 9?

11.  Where should the hard copy of the cancelled cheque be sent?

12.  Can I alter the existing cheque formats in Tally.ERP 9?

13.  During cheque printing, how do I print the amount in words in lakhs and crores, instead of hundreds and thousands?

14.  How do I disable company name during cheque printing?

15.  How do I print cheques without date?

16.  How do I change the orientation of the cheque during printing?

17.  Why am I getting MAV error while altering a banking voucher?

18.  Do I need to have Tally.NET ID for enabling e-payments?

19.  Can I change bank details of the party during voucher creation?

20.  Why is my cursor is skipping from Bank Details while modifying my Bank Ledger?

21.  What are the discrete features of e-Payments in the Banking Module?

22.  Do I need to have Tally.NET ID for enabling e-payments?

23.  How do I select Inter Bank or Same Bank Transfer?

24.  How to I provide multiple beneficiary details in my party master?

25.  What are the statuses of transactions under e-Payments for DBS Bank?

26.  What is the use of Reset Status button in the e-Payments report?

27.  What transactions are shown under the Ready for sending to bank category?

28.  What transactions are shown under the Transactions with incomplete information category?

29.  What transactions are shown under the Transactions with information mismatch (with master) category?

30.  What transactions are shown under Transactions sent to bank (unreconciled) category?

31.  Where do I enable e-payments?

32.  Why did Kotak Bank Reject the e-Payment Transaction?

33.  Why does the same bank transfer change to NEFT/RTGS on re-accepting a transaction?

34.  What are the F12 Configurations in e-Payments?

35.  When does the error message UFF Syntax Error - Incorrect Format appear?

36.  How to set the location for exporting e-payment transactions related to DBS?

37.  How to provide beneficiary code while recording a payment voucher?

38.  I have used Kotak Mahindra Bank (India) in my bank master and still do not see e-Payments option. How to enable e-Payments for my bank?

39.  How to enable the Instrument no. and Ref. ID fields during voucher creation?

40.  How to send Not Applicable transactions to my bank from the e-Payments report?

41.  Using Auto Bank Reconciliation Feature (Release 5.4 Onwards)

42.  Configuring Bank Ledger for Cheque Printing (Release 5.4 onwards)

43.  Release 5 Onwards, Why is the List of Banks not Appearing During Configuration of Bank Ledger?

Error Codes Related to e-Payments

1.    What is error code 31001?

2.    What is error code 41003?

3.    What is error code 41004?

4.    What is error code 41005?

5.    What is error code 41006?

6.    What is error code 41007?

7.    What is UFF Syntax Error - Incorrect Format?

8.    What is UFF Syntax Error - Incorrect Length?