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Displaying Receipts and Payments Account

You can view the Receipts and Payments account details in Tally.ERP 9 for a specified period.

To view the Receipts & Payments of ABC Company

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Receipts and Payments.

The Receipts and Payments account appears as shown below:

The Receipts & Payments account is generated and updated right from the date of opening of books until the date of last entry.

2.    Press F2: Period to change the period as required.

3.    Select the required group and press Enter to go to Receipts and Payments Summary reports, and further drill down to go to Ledger Monthly Summary, ledger vouchers, and finally to the voucher alteration mode.

Note: The Receipts & Payments account is displayed according to the configuration of settings in the F12: Configure.

The Receipts & Payments A/c, by default is in horizontal form. However, you may configure the same to view in Vertical form by enabling it in F12: Configure. You can view additional information or toggle to another report using the options available in the Button Bar.

Some of the button bar options are:

     F1: Detailed: View the Receipts & Payments account in detailed format, as shown:

Note: This button toggles between Detailed and Condensed.

The cash/bank balances under Opening/Closing Balance displayed in Red indicate the negative/credit balances.

     F2: Period: Change the date of the Receipts & Payments account.

     F3: Company: Select a company from the list to view the Receipts & Payments account of the selected company.

Note: This button will be active only when more than one company is loaded.

     F5: Led-wise: Receipts & Payments account is displayed based on the default primary groups. You can view the report ledger-wise using this option.

Note: This button toggles between Led-wise / Grouped.

     C: New Column: Select this button for the following:

o     Display the Receipts & Payments account for a different period, for comparison with the current one.

o     Display the Receipts & Payments account in a different currency.

o     Select and compare Receipts & Payments accounts of different companies.