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Inserting and Renaming Heads in Schedule VI Balance Sheet (India)

Tally.ERP 9 provides users with the option to rename and insert Heads in the Schedule-VI Balance Sheet as per their business needs.

Renaming Heads

To rename Schedule VI Heads

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Financial Statements > Balance Sheet.

o     Select the Schedule VI Head that has to be renamed.

o     Click on R: Rename Head or press Alt+R.

The Change Display Name sub-screen appears:

o     Type in the name to be given to the chosen Schedule VI Head.

o     Press Enter.

o     Press Enter or Y to Accept the change.

The Schedule VI Head appears renamed in the Schedule-VI Balance Sheet:

Inserting Heads

Users can insert Heads at lowest level of the hierarchy of Schedule VI Heads.

For example, User will not be able to insert head at Current Assets (Schedule VI Head) level, but will be able to do it at Other Current Assets (Sub-head) level.

To insert a head in the Balance Sheet

     Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Financial Statements > Balance Sheet.

If, for instance, Interest Accrued on Investments has to be inserted under Other Current Assets,

     Place the cursor under the required Schedule VI sub-head (here, Other Current Assets) and click on Ctrl+I: Insert Head or press Ctrl+I.

     The Create Schedule VI Head screen appears. Press Backspace to change the Head under which the new one has to be inserted.

A List of Heads appears:

     Select the appropriate Head (here, Other Current Assets), and press Enter.

     Type in the Name of the new head and press Enter.

     Press Enter or Y to Accept the new head.

The newly inserted Head (Interest Accrued on Investments) appears classified under the chosen Head (Other Current Assets).

Add New Head

Another way of inserting Heads is by using the I: New Head button.

     In the Balance Sheet report, click on I: New Head or press Alt+I.

The Create Schedule VI Head screen appears:

     From the List of Heads, select the required Head.

     Enter the name of the New Head to be created.

     Press Enter or Y to Accept the Creation.

Note: Ctrl+I: Insert Head picks the Schedule VI Group based on the position of the cursor in the Balance Sheet. Users may press Backspace to change the Group.

I: New Head automatically displays the List of Heads for the user to choose from, irrespective of the position of the cursor in the Balance Sheet.

Deleting inserted Heads

To delete an inserted Head

     Select the (inserted) head.

     Click on Ctrl+D: Delete Head or press Ctrl+D.

     Press Enter or Y to delete the head.

Note: Default Schedule VI Heads cannot be deleted. Also, Inserted Heads to which Tally Groups have been linked cannot be deleted.