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Statistics of Vouchers (Excise for Dealer)

All the voucher types used for recording transactions in a particular quarter are displayed here. The total number of transactions recorded using each of these voucher types is captured in the adjacent column. Drill-down reports of each voucher type leads to Voucher Monthly Register, followed by Voucher Register and the voucher alteration screen. The total voucher count displayed in Statistics report will be same as the count shown in the Total Number of Transactions row of Form 2 report.

At a glance, this section displays the total number of transactions pertaining to a period which are categorised as included, excluded and uncertain transactions.

1.    Total Number of Transactions: Displays the total number of transactions for a particular period. The total count is categorized as included, excluded and uncertain transactions. Voucher count appears against each of these categories. The drill-down report of this row displays the Statistics report comprising of voucher types with the corresponding voucher count.

2.    Included Transactions: Displays the count of transactions included in the report for a particular period. This includes all vouchers having the required information either in corresponding masters or transactions thereby satisfying the requirements for filing the returns. These vouchers will be part of Form 2.

3.    Excluded Transactions: Displays all vouchers which do not form part of Form 2. As excise details are not provided in these transactions, there will be no implications on the return.

4.    Uncertain Transactions: Vouchers which do not fall under Included Transactions and Excluded Transactions are displayed here. These vouchers are related to excise but due to insufficient information, they are categorized under Uncertain Transactions.

Note: This report is similar to the Statistics report of Statement of Accounts menu.