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Manufacturing Journal for Job Costing

The manufacture of a product by recording a manufacturing journal will be displayed in the Job Work Analysis report, there by accounting for materials used for a project, and manufactured for a project.

To record the manufacturing of an item

1.    Create a Manufacturing Voucher type

2.    Create Bill of Materials

3.    Record the manufacturing journal

Creating a Manufacturing Voucher Type

To create a manufacturing voucher type

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info or Inventory Info > Voucher Types > Create.

2.    Select Stock Journal as the Type of Journal.

3.    Set the option Use as a Manufacturing Journal to Yes.

The Voucher Type Creation screen appears as shown below:

4.    Press Enter to skip Print after saving Voucher?

5.    Press Ctrl+A to save the voucher type.

Creating Bill of Materials

To create Bill of Material

1.    From the stock item creation/alteration screen, click F12: Configure.

2.    Enable the option Allow Component list details (Bill of Materials).

3.    Press Enter. The Stock Item Creation screen appears.

4.    Enable the option Set Components (BoM)?.

The Stock Item Creation screen appears as shown below:

5.    Enter the Name of BOM in the Stock Item Multi Components (M BOM) screen.

6.    Press Enter to view Stock Item Components (BOM) screen.

7.    Select the Items, and Godowns.

8.    Enter the Quantity. The completed Component List is displayed as shown below:

9.    Press Enter.

10.  Press Ctrl+A to save the stock item.

Recording a Manufacturing Journal

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > F7: Manufacturing Journal.

2.    Enter details of the Components and the Co-products/By-Products/Scrap as shown below:


3.    Enter the Narration.

4.    Press Enter.

5.    Press Enter to save the Manufacturing Journal.