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Creating Stock Journal Voucher Class

Stock Journal classes allow you to handle transfers from one location (Godown) to another, for companies having Multi-Location Inventory and at least two location/Godowns. Once the class is selected, you will need to specify the Destination and provide the list of items to be transferred. Through this class all items/batches thus selected will be exactly mirrored to the destination, including Batch Number, Rate and Value.

The user can either alter the existing Stock Journal or create a new voucher type based on the requirements.

1.    Go to Accounts Info > Voucher Types > alter > Stock Journal.

2.    Enter a name in the field  Name of Class. (for example, Transfer).

3.    Class: The Transfer screen is displayed. To create a class for inter - godown transfer, set the option Use Class for Inter -Godown Transfer to Yes.