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Job Order Processing

Job Order Processing is the process of taking an order to manufacture or process goods as per the prescription of the client by utilising the material supplied by the client or purchased on behalf of the client and charging him for the services provided as Job Work or Sub Contract.

Tally.ERP 9 allows to process the job work taken from a client as well as job work given to job workers. It also allows the principal company to track the materials despatched to job workers and materials received against the job given, and vice versa.  

This voucher allows the principal company to raise Job Orders on Job Worker.

     Creating a Job Work Out Order

     Altering and Deleting a Job Work Out Order

Creating a Job Work Out Order

To create a job work out order,

     Go to Gateway of Tally > Order Vouchers > press Alt + J or click on J: Job Work Out Order.

Party's A/c Name

     Select the Supplier’s (Job Worker) name from the List of Ledger Accounts. Use Alt + C to create a new account.

The Party Details screen is displayed. Provide the details as shown:

Order No

     Enter the Job Work Out Order Number under Order No column.

Name of the Item

     Select the Stock Item for which order is placed, from the List of Stock Items. The Item Allocations sub-screen is displayed. Enter the details as shown.

Track Components

     Set the option to Yes if components need to be tracked.

Due On

     Enter the due date for receipt of the items. This monitors outstanding receipts.

     If orders are split for different dates, then specify the due date for the first lot to be received and select the quantity, rate and amount. Next, specify the due date for the second lot, and so on. After specifying the due dates for all the lots, press Enter in the Due on field to return to the Voucher Creation screen.


     Select the required Godown from the list.

Note: For the godown selected in the Item Allocation screen, the options Our Stock with Third Party and Third Party Stock with us should not be enabled in Godown masters.

Quantity, Rate and Amount

     Enter the ordered quantity of the item and its rate. The amount will be calculated automatically.

     In case the option Track Component is set to Yes, the Component Allocation screen is displayed when the Quantity is entered, as shown below:

Note: The Components Allocation displays the list of components specified in the Ordered Item master .

     Accept to Save.


     This field is optional. Enter the required particulars concerning the order.

For more details on F12 configuration refer Invoice / Order Entry

Altering and Deleting a Job Work Out Order

To alter a Job Work Out Order,

     Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Day Book


     Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Job Work Out Reports > Job Work Registers > Job Work Out Orders Book

     Make the necessary alterations and save.

Deleting a Job Work Out Order

To delete a Job Work Out Order,

Press Alt + D in the Job Work Out Order alteration screen.

Printing Co-Product, By-Product, and Scrap List

To print a job work out order,

Click P: Print in the job work out order screen.

The Job Work Out Order Printing Configuration screen appears as shown below:

When the option Print Co-Product/By-Product/Scrap List is enabled while printing a job work out order, the respective co-product, by-product, and scrap list is printed in the invoice.