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TallyPrime Release 2.0 is available now!

Creating Stock Items (Kerala)

Stock items are tradeable goods. You can create a stock item inventory master, and select the same in transactions. Stock items can be created with MRP applicable globally or for specific state.

To create a stock item

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Stock Items > Create.

2.    Enter the Name of the stock item.

3.    Select the required group in the Under field. If the selected stock group is predefined with tax rate and commodity details, these are applied to the stock item. If Primary is selected, the tax and commodity details specific to the stock item can be defined.

4.    Select the required unit of measurement in Units field.

5.    Set the option VAT Applicable to Applicable.

6.    Enable the option Set/Alter VAT Details. Enable this option if the item is not included in a stock group defined with tax details.  

The Stock Item Creation screen appears as shown below:

7.    Press Enter to save.

Setting MRP Details

To enable the MRP feature while creating a stock item

1.    Click F12: Configure in the Stock Item Creation screen. In the configuration screen,

o     Enable the option Allow MRP/Marginal for stock items?.

o     Press Ctrl+A to accept the Master Configuration screen.

2.    Enable Set/alter MRP details? in the Stock Item Creation screen.

3.    Set the option Allow MRP modification in voucher? to Yes, to enable altering the MRP rate while recording the voucher.

4.    Enter the MRP Rate. The MRP Details screen appears as shown below:

5.    Press Ctrl+A to accept the item master.

To specify the stock item's MRP in different states

1.    Click F12: Configure in MRP Details screen of the stock item master.

2.    Enable the option Allow state-wise MRP.

3.    Enter the Applicable From date.

4.    Select the State Name from the List of States.

5.    Enter the MRP Rate.

The MRP Details screen appears as shown below:

6.    Press Ctrl+A to save.