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E-mailing a Report

You can e-mail reports, invoices, purchase orders, reminder letters, and so on, without using an external e-mailing service.

To e-mail a report

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Accounts Books > Ledger.

2.    Select the required ledger account from the List of Ledgers.

3.    Click M: E-Mail on the Ledger Vouchers screen to open the E-Mail Report screen.

4.    Press Backspace on the Mailing Ledger screen to modify the parameters.

o     Select the required E-Mail Server from the list of Common Mail Servers. The Server Address field displays the SMTP server address and port number according to the E-Mail Server selected.

o     Set the option Use SSL to Yes.

o     Set the option Use SSL on Standard Port to No. The option is set to Yes only if Hotmail is used as the e-mail server.

o     Modify From and From E-Mail Address, if required.

o     Enter Authentication User Name and Password, if required.

o     Select the required Format.

o     Select the required Page Size.

o     Select the required Page Orientation.

o     Enter the e-mail address of the intended recipient in the To E-Mail Address field.

o     Enter another e-mail address in the CC To (if any) field, if you want to send a copy of the same e-mail to more than one recipient.

o     Modify the Subject, as required.

o     Enter E-mail message (if any), if required. This will precede the report in the recipient’s mail program. There is a limitation of 256 characters to this field.

o      Alternatively you can click T:Select Text to define and select the e-mail message to be pre filled in the e-mail.

o     Select the format in which the Information Sent can be viewed.

o     Set additional mailing configurations, as required.

5.    Press Enter to e-mail the ledger.

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