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Displaying Profit & Loss Account

You can view the Profit & Loss account details in Tally.ERP 9 for a specified period.

To view the Profit & Loss Account

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display >  Profit & Loss A/c.

2.    Click F1: Detailed to view the Profit & Loss Account in detailed format. The Profit & Loss Account appears as shown below:

The Profit & Loss Account is generated and updated immediately from the date of opening of books till the date of last entry.

3.    Press F2: Period to change the period as required.

Note: The Profit & Loss Account is displayed according to the configuration set in the Configuration screen. Set the option Income & Expense A/c instead of Profit & Loss A/c ? to No to display the groups Direct Income and Direct Expenses in Profit & Loss A/c and List of Accounts report.

Horizontal Form of Profit & Loss Account

The Profit & Loss A/c is in horizontal form, by default. You can view the report in vertical format by enabling the option Show Vertical Profit & Loss? by clicking F12: Configure. You can view additional information or toggle to another report using the options available in the button bar.

Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c

To view Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c in Profit & Loss Account screen

     Click S: Schedule VI in the Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c, as shown below: