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TCS Payment Details

The Payment Details section contains the statistics of all TCS payments (deemed or actual) that exist in the data till date. This will not contain any of the payment entries that are not related to the current period. Any payment entries other that TCS payment entry will not appear here. It displays all the payment entries recorded for interest, penalty, late fee, and so on. These other payment entries for interest, penalty, and late fee, and so on are displayed under Other Payments. Payments made to party, petty expenses, or any statutory payments other than that of TCS are not displayed here.

The section will display the payments under two heads:

Included Transactions

All the TCS payment to department till date which is applicable for the report period are listed as Included Transactions under this section.

Not Included Transactions

Payment transactions that may possibly be TCS payments, but cannot be ascertained due to missing information, will be listed here. Transactions will be listed here under the following circumstances:

     The Duty Type has not been set for the duty ledger

     The type of TCS Payment is not available. That is, whether the payment is made towards Late Fee, Interest, Income Tax, Surcharge, Education Cess, Secondary Education Cess, or Other Payments.

     Details of the bank where the payment has been made is unavailable.

     The period for which the payment is made is not available.

     The payment entry has not been linked to a deduction entry.

     The payment amount has not been rounded off. As per rules, TCS payments need to be rounded off figures.

To view the collectee-wise break-up of the paid TCS amount

1.    Select the nature of goods under Particulars, and press Enter.

2.    Select the required collectee in Payment Voucher screen.

The Payment Voucher report will be displayed in company-wise. The report appears as shown below:

3.    Select the required voucher and press Enter to view all the deduction vouchers recorded for the selected party. The list of vouchers appears as shown below:

To view other payments

     Select Other payments (Interest, penalty, late fee, etc.) under Particulars in Payment Details.

     Press Enter.

The Payment Voucher report for other payments appears as shown below:

To export the payment voucher

1.    Press Alt+E to view the Exporting screen.

2.    Select the required Format.

3.    Enter the required Output File Name.

4.    Press Enter to export the vouchers.

A brief explanation of each field in the exported voucher report is given below:

Field Name


Collection Details for challan No. :

Displays the challan number used for making payments to the government.

Date of Receipt /Debit

Displays the date when TCS was collected.

Party Name

Displays the name of the collectee.

Collectee Type

Displays the type of collectee specified in the party ledger creation screen.


Displays the PAN number of the collectee specified at the specified  in the party ledger creation screen.


Displays the rate of TCS specified  in the TCS Nature of Goods creation screen.

Payment Code

Displays the Payment Code specified in the TCS Nature of Goods creation screen.

Challan Date

Displays the challan date specified  in the Challan Reconciliation screen.

Assessable Value

Displays the assessable value of the TCS.

Income Tax

Displays the income tax amount which was calculated from the TCS amount collected during the transaction.


Displays the amount of surcharge calculated for the TCS booking as per the rate specified  in TCS Surcharge Details screen in F3: Statutory & Taxation features screen.

Education Cess

Displays the amount of education cess for the TCS collected  as per the rate specified  in TCS Surcharge Details screen in F3: Statutory & Taxation features screen.

Secondary Education Cess

Displays the amount of secondary education cess for the TCS collected as per the rate specified  in TCS Surcharge Details screen in F3: Statutory & Taxation features screen.

Paid Amount

Displays the total amount paid for TCS booking or advance payment made. This is the consolidated amount of income tax, surcharge, education cess, and secondary education cess in the TCS booking or advanced payment entry voucher.