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Classification of Groups/Ledgers using Move and To in Balance Sheet (India)

Tally.ERP 9 provides users with the option to Move Tally Groups/Ledgers from one Schedule VI Head To another Schedule VI Head.

To classify groups/ledgers using Move and To

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Financial Statements > Balance Sheet.

2.    Select a Schedule VI Head and press Enter. For example, Current Asset as shown below:

The Note Summary report for the Schedule VI Head appears.

     Click F1: Detailed or press Alt+F1 for the detailed Note Summary.

     Select the Group/Ledger that has to be Moved to a different Schedule VI Head.

     Click Ctrl+X: Move or press Ctrl+X.

The Group/Ledger gets selected.

     Move the cursor over to the Schedule VI Head under which the Group/Ledger needs to be placed.

     Click Ctrl+V: To or press Ctrl+V to move the Group/Ledger under the selected Schedule VI Head.

The selected Group/Ledger appears under the selected Schedule VI Head:

     Click Ctrl+Z: Undo or press Ctrl+Z to restore the Note Summary from the last change made.