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Configuring Balance Sheet

You can configure the options in balance sheet for method of showing balance sheet, format, and other additional details.

To view additional information in the Balance Sheet

     Go to Gateway of Tally > F12: Configuration > General. The System Configuration screen appears as shown below:

o     Set Use Accounting terminology of to India/SAARC or International under the Country Details.

If you have activated India/SAARC, the Balance Sheet will display Sources of Funds, and Application of Funds. And if you have activated International, the Balance Sheet will display Assets and Liabilities

Show Vertical Balance Sheet

By default, the Balance Sheet screen is displayed in the horizontal form. However, you can configure the Balance Sheet to appear in vertical form, by pressing F12: Configure, and setting the option Show Vertical Balance Sheet to Yes.

The Balance Sheet in vertical form appears as shown below:


Profit or Loss, both as Liability?

Set this to No, to move the Profit & Loss Account to the Assets side of the Balance Sheet.

Note: The Profit or Loss, both as Liability option is available in horizontal form.

Show Percentages?

To view balance sheet with a column for percentages

     Set Show Percentages to Yes in the balance sheet configuration screen.

     Press Alt+F1 to view the detailed Balance Sheet.

In Detailed mode, the Balance Sheet appears as shown below:

Each line is expressed as a percentage of the total amount of the Balance Sheet.

Show Working Capital figures?

Using this option, you can set Balance Sheet to show working capital values. Working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities.

Set Show Working Capital figures to Yes, to display current assets less current liabilities.

     Select F1: Detailed from the button bar

The Balance Sheet with working capital figures appears as shown below:

Method of Showing the Balance Sheet

Select the options as:



Format of the Balance Sheet

     For Horizontal Balance Sheet: Left Hand Side/Right Hand Side

     For Vertical Balance Sheet: Top/Bottom.

Columnar Balance Sheets

Select a different date to compare two balance sheets:

     Press New Column on the button bar or Alt+C and change the period.

The following is a comparison between Balance Sheet dated 1st July, and 15th July.

Press New Column on the button bar or ALT+C and change only the currency to display the Balance Sheet with figures in a different currency.

The following is a comparison of the Balance Sheet dated 15th July, in different currencies:

Show Quarterly Balance Sheet

To view a Quarterly Balance Sheet

1.    Press Auto-column on the button bar or use the key Alt+N.

2.    Select Quarterly from the list of periods.

The Balance Sheet with column details repeated Quarterly will appear as shown below: