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Recording a POS Invoice with Multi-Mode Payment

You can record the receipt of  payment through multiple modes like gift vouchers,  credit cards or debit cards, etc by switching to the multi mode payment by the click of a button.

To record a POS transaction in Multi Mode payment

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting  Vouchers > Select F8: Sales.

2.    Click P: Multi Mode Payment.

3.     Select the Godown, Sales Ledger and VAT/Tax Class if applicable.

4.    Select the Item using the Bar code reader to scan the bar code or select the Item from the list.

5.    The Rates of the Item is picked up from Set Standard Rates screen (Stock Item master) or from the Price List screen.

6.    Select VAT/Tax Ledger from the list of Ledger Accounts.

7.    Allocate the bill amount to the relevant modes of payment by selecting the ledger and entering the corresponding amount.

Note: If credit card or debit card is selected as the mode of payment, the card number has to be entered. If cheque is selected as the payment mode, enter the Bank name, and  cheque number. If cash is selected as the mode of payment, then enter the cash tendered and balance.

The Accounting Voucher screen appears as shown below:

8.    Press Enter to save.