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List of Need Clarification Vouchers (India)

You can correct the Vouchers that are marked as Clarification by the Auditor or provide the necessary Clarification as required by the Auditor.

To view the List of Clarification Vouchers screen

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Audit & Compliance Info. > Statutory Audit Info.

2.    Drill down into the required column, External Clarification or Internal Clarification.

3.    List of External Clarification Vouchers screen displays the Voucher details for which the Clarification is asked by the auditor along with the Audit Note and name of the auditor (Audited By).

The List of Internal Clarification Vouchers screen displays the Voucher details for which the Clarification is asked by another user within the organisation along with the Audit Note and Name of the User (Audited By).

Button options in the Audit Vouchers screen

F1: Detailed

Click F1: Detailed or press Alt+F1 to view the detailed report.

F9: Clarify

Click F9: Clarify button or press F9 provide the necessary Clarification to the Auditor. The Clarification process is explained below in detail.

Provide Clarification

To provide the necessary Clarification go to the line where the Audit remarks are displayed/stored and follow process given below:

1.    Select the Audit Note for the Voucher.

2.    Press Enter.

Note: When Enter key is used to for Clarification, there is not need to select the Voucher by using Spacebar.

The Audit Clarification screen appears as shown below:


3.    Enter the required clarification remarks and press Enter.

Once the Audit Clarification is saved with the Clarification remarks, the Voucher will disappear from the Audit Vouchers screen and the same will be listed under Clarified (To be re-audited) with the Audit Status as Clarified along with the Clarification remarks.

Provide Correction

To provide the necessary correction based on the Audit remarks

1.    Select the required voucher.

2.    Press Ctrl+Enter to view the Voucher details.

3.    Make the necessary correction to the voucher and save it.

Once the Voucher is re-saved, the same will disappear from the List of Clarification Vouchers screen. The Vouchers which are altered by the Client will be available under the Altered (To be re-audited)  column in the Statutory Audit Dash Board with Audit Status as Altered.