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Payment - CST Form I (Tamil Nadu)

This section contains statistics of all VAT/CST payment vouchers (deemed or actual) for the current period. This does not include any payment entries that are not related to the current period. Payment entries other than VAT/CST payments like payment to party, payment against any petty expenses, or any other statutory payments other than VAT/CST, will not appear here.

The payment details are further bifurcated into:

  1. Tax Payments (Included): All VAT/CST payment vouchers having the required information either in corresponding masters or in transactions are considered here. This includes all VAT/CST payment entries related to the current period (report period), irrespective of the period in which the payment entry falls. These vouchers are reflected in payment details of Form VAT 100 which includes all the VAT payment made to department for the current period. This excludes all non VAT/CST payment entries or entries not applicable for the current period.

  2. Tax Payments (Not Included / Uncertain): It displays the payment entries of VAT/CST for which the payment date is not defined.

Note: The payment vouchers here will be listed under Excluded Transactions in Statistics