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e-Payments Report

The e-Payments report in Tally.ERP 9 displays all payment instructions that are ready to be sent to bank. The report also displays transactions with incomplete information and information mismatch with masters.

The transactions displayed in the report can include vendor payments or payroll payments, or both, according to your business type.

The e-Payments report appears as shown below:

The e-Payments report is divided into the following categories:

     Transactions with incomplete information: Drill down here to see transactions in which certain mandatory bank details were not specified. You can select a specific transaction and provide  the  required  information.

     Transactions with information mismatch (with master): This category lists all transactions in which the bank details specified mismatch with the bank details specified in the masters. You can accept the details in the masters or click Accept as is to accept the modified bank details.

     Ready for sending to bank: All transactions ready to be sent to bank are displayed here. You can send to bank (for DBS bank customers only) or export the transactions (all other banks) to the required template.

     Transactions sent to bank (unreconciled): All transactions sent to bank are displayed here (specific to DBS bank). You can drill down to see the status of the transactions.

The e-Payments report is an easy and convenient way to track and process your payment instructions.