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Copying Cheque Printing Dimensions

You can define your own measurements for cheque printing. Alternatively, you can use saved configurations from other banks as templates.

To copy cheque printing configurations

1.    While creating a bank, select the bank name under Bank Account Details, from the List of Banks.

2.    Under Bank Configuration, enable Set cheque printing configuration to Yes. The Cheque Dimensions screen appears.

3.    Press Ctrl+U to define the cheque printing dimensions in User defined mode.

4.    Press Ctrl+C to copy from existing formats.

The Select Configured Bank screen with List of Configured Banks appears as shown below:

5.    Select the format of the required bank from the List of Configured Banks. The cheque printing configuration details is pre-filled with the dimensions of the selected cheque format.

Note: In the Cheque Printing Configuration screen, no field other than salutations should be blank.

6.    Press Enter to print the cheque in the selected format.