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Release Notes for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0.3

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0.3 has some great updates for GST and Service tax.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Form GSTR-3B

     The time to file GST returns for July is fast approaching! And Tally.ERP 9 is ready with GSTR-3B (Form 3B), which has to be filed by 20th August, 2017.

     GST dealers with regular registration can use GSTR-3B for filing returns for the months of July and August.

     Using GSTR-3B from Tally.ERP 9 will simplify returns filing to a large extent by minimizing errors and saving time on manual effort.

e-Sugam for Karnataka

     As per the government of Karnataka, the existing e-Sugam facility can be used for the movement of goods, which is supported in our latest release.

Vehicle number and LR/RR number in GST invoice

     With this release, you can print the motor vehicle number and LR/RR number in invoices. This will be useful in transactions involving the movement of goods.

Refund for cancelled transaction

     Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0.3 supports refunds for cancelled transactions against advance receipts or payments. You can mark the payment and receipt vouchers as Refund Voucher, and print the vouchers according to the latest GST format.

New report: Purchase from URD - Reverse Charge Liability

     The Purchase from URD - Reverse Charge Liability report in GSTR-3B gives you quick access to the tax liabilities that have to be created due to purchases from unregistered dealers (URD).

     This report highlights URD purchases that exceed Rs 5,000 per day, and helps you to easily compute the liability that needs to be created.


     Now you can also generate invoices supporting the calculation of cess for tobacco-based products, coal, and so on, based on the combination of value and quantity.

Service Tax

     This release supports the latest Form ST-3 for filing service tax returns for the period 1-Apr-17 to 30-Jun-17. Save this form, and print it or export it to XML format as monthly/quarterly return.

Product Improvements




Voucher Entry


Service Tax

Excise for Manufacturer

Excise for Traders

Accounting Masters

Accounting Reports







Remote Client

Security Control






     You can define the GST valuation type for cess as Based on Value and Quantity in the stock item master, and also override it in the transaction.

     We have introduced the nature of transactions Branch Transfer Inward and Branch Transfer Outward to record inward and outward movement of goods to branch offices within the same state.

     While saving the Company GST Details screen of companies migrated from lower releases, the error No Valid Names! appeared due to the absence of primary excise unit. This issue is resolved.

     The GSTIN/UIN predefined for the party ledger did not appear in the Ledger Contact Details screen when it was viewed from the Ledger Vouchers report. This issue is resolved.

     The field Type of Dealer of VAT appeared in the Party Details screen of the invoice even after the date of deactivation of VAT. This issue is resolved.

     As per the GSTIN/UIN format, Tally.ERP 9 supports a number or an alphabet as the 13th character, and C (for e-commerce) or Z as the 14th character.

     If you opened two companies, you may have seen the GSTIN/UIN of one company appearing in the Company GST Details screen of the other company. You will not see this happening anymore.



     When you upgraded from Release 5.x, the Type of Supply column was appearing blank in the GST Rate Setup screen. Now the option Show type of supply? is removed from the configuration.

     After upgrading to Release 6.x, if the GST rates were defined at the company level, stock items and ledgers were not listed while recording advance receipts or payments. This issue is resolved.


Voucher Entry

     You can mark payment and receipt vouchers as refund vouchers, and print them as per the GST format.

     We have fixed an issue where the Receipt No. and Receipt Date was printed as Invoice No. and Invoice Date in GST advance receipt voucher.

     In a sales invoice involving foreign currency, integrated tax was calculated incorrectly for stock items predefined with different slab rates to calculate tax based on item rate. This occurred because the multi-currency rate per unit was considered as the normal rate for tax calculation. This issue is resolved.

     When you selected only the central tax ledger or the state tax ledger twice in an invoice, there was no error message regarding the incorrect selection. Further, the invoice was not captured in Incomplete/Mismatch in information (to be resolved) in GSTR-1 or GSTR-2. This issue is resolved.

     Now you can print the Place of Supply, State Name, and Code in the GST advance receipt voucher by enabling the options Print Place of Supply? and Print State Name & State Code? in the Receipt Printing Configuration screen.

     The buyer's state name and state code did not appear in the printed sales invoice when the ledger name and mailing name defined in the party ledger were different. This issue is resolved.

     You can print the GST Rate and HSN/SAC in the purchase and sales orders by enabling the options Print GST % column? and Print HSN/SAC column? in the print configuration.

     We have fixed an issue where the company GSTIN/UIN did not appear in sales invoice pre-printed format even after enabling the option Print Company GSTIN Number? in Invoice Print Configuration.

     Now the LUT/Bond No. and Validity period entered in the Company GST Details appear in the printed GST invoice.

     Now you can print an invoice with the column Total Tax Amount in the GST analysis section.

     The error Buyer Name not specified in the Voucher appeared, even if the buyer details were specified in the Party Details screen, for a cash sales exceeding Rs.50,000. This issue is resolved.

     The error Buyer state name and code not specified in the voucher appeared, even if the buyer name and address were entered in the Party Details screen, for an export sales.

     Print item-wise GST rates in a POS invoice by enabling the option Print GST % column? in the print configuration.

     Enable the option Allow entry of amount inclusive of tax for ledger? in the Voucher Configuration screen to record a sales invoice (accounting invoice mode) with amount inclusive of GST.

     We have fixed an issue where the Place of Supply was blank in the sales invoice print, when the country selected in the buyer ledger was other than India.

     The narration of the advance receipt voucher was not printed even if the option Print Narration? was enabled in the print configuration. This issue is resolved.

     The GST Rate column appeared blank on printing sales/purchase invoice having nil rated and exempt stock items. This issue is resolved.

     When a sales invoice (item invoice) was marked as optional during alteration, the title of the invoice was printed as Tax Invoice instead of Proforma Invoice. This issue is resolved.

     If you have recorded a POS invoice using a tax exclusive voucher class, you might have seen the value of the POS invoice in the Credit Amount column of the Included Vouchers report of GSTR-1. This issue is resolved.

     When a GST POS invoice was printed on or after the date of deactivating the VAT feature, the company's Interstate sales tax number appeared instead of GSTIN/UIN in the printed invoice. This issue is resolved.

     In the advance receipt voucher recorded with a local or an interstate party, the common sales or income ledgers did not appear for selection in the Advance Receipt Details screen. This issue is resolved.

     The option Allow modification of Rate (Inclusive of Tax)? did not appear in the POS Invoice Configuration screen when the VAT feature was deactivated. This issue is resolved.



     You can view the item-wise GST rates in the exported pivot table of the sales Voucher Register by enabling the option Show GST Details?

     We have fixed an issue where the GSTIN/UIN appeared in the voucher registers of sales, purchase, and purchase order book even after disabling the option Show party's GSTIN/UIN? in the Columnar Register Alteration screen.


Service Tax

     The latest changes to Form ST-3 are now supported for the period April to June 2017. Now you can save Form ST-3 report, and print it or export it to the XML format as monthly/quarterly returns during this period.

     The error Duplicate Entry appeared when an invoice was recorded with the following details:

o     Tracking numbers of more than one delivery note were selected in the Party Details screen.

o     The option Consolidate stock items with same rates? was set to Yes in the sales Voucher Entry Configuration screen.

This issue is resolved.


Accounting Masters

     If you have tried to copy multiple ledgers from a company migrated from Release 4.9x to another company by pressing F3, the ledgers were not saved. This issue is resolved.


Accounting Reports

     We have fixed an issue where the Receipts and Payments values in the Receipts and Payments Summary report were not sorted as per the sorting method.

     When Confirmation of A/Cs was e-mailed for a party for a specific period, the data till the last date of voucher entry was sent, irrespective of the period specified. This issue is resolved.

     When Confirmation of A/Cs was selected as the Style of Report, and printed party-wise in detailed mode, the additional ledger breakup details for the purchase and sales vouchers were not displayed. This issue is resolved.

     The details of a journal voucher having inventory allocations were not displayed in the Bills Outstanding report (Bills Payable/Bills Receivable). This was observed when the report was viewed in the detailed mode. This issue is resolved.



     We have fixed an error that appeared in the calculator panel, while exporting Schedule VI Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/C.

     We have fixed the alignment issue that occurred on exporting payment, receipt, journal, contra, reversing journal, and memorandum vouchers to Microsoft Excel.

     We have also fixed an alignment issue that occurred on exporting the Group Vouchers to Microsoft Excel by enabling all the options in the Export Ledger sub-screen.



     We have fixed an error that appeared while passing a Material In voucher. The error appeared when the Material In voucher type was altered for job work and later Enable job order processing? was disabled in F11:Inventory Features.

     We have fixed an issue where the default accounting allocations were not copied to the stock items belonging to the sub-groups of the stock group. You can now enable the option Copy to all sub-groups? to copy the default accounting allocations to all stock items in a subgroup.

     When some transactions were removed using Alt+R from the Stock Vouchers/Batch Vouchers/Godown Vouchers reports, only the Quantity was updated, but the Value remained constant in the Totals as per ‘Default’ valuation.

Now, Quantity and Value remain constant in Totals as per ‘Default’ valuation. The Quantity and Value in Totals as per ‘Transactions’ values are updated automatically when the transactions were removed.



     Company data could not be exported to MS Excel through ODBC. This was observed by users who had Google Input tool installed on their computer. This issue is resolved.



     On printing a voucher in account invoice mode, the additional ledger description was not appearing on the first page. However, it was appearing second page onwards. This issue is resolved.

     We have fixed the error Out of Memory that was appearing in a 32-bit operating system. This occurred while printing the sales vouchers from Multi Voucher Printing for the entire period.

     You can now specify the default print title for a debit note, credit note, delivery note, and job work in/out vouchers, using the option Default title to print while creating the voucher type.



     In a POS invoice, the ledgers and the amount specified for the Credit/debit card and Cheque payment methods appeared in the additional ledger section if

o     The voucher was created with or without a voucher class defined with the default accounting allocations for multi payment mode.

o     The POS voucher was recorded in multiple instances of Tally.ERP 9.

o     F11: Features screen was opened and saved.

This issue is resolved.



     When you printed Payment Advice for a category, it was printed for all employees irrespective of the selected Employee Category. This issue is resolved.

     Fixed an error Cost Centre does not belong to the Category that appeared while verifying the company data. This occurred if the Category of an employee was altered after recording a few transactions.

     You can experience a significant improvement in the time taken to pass a payroll voucher using A: Payroll AutoFill option.


Remote Client

     When logged in as a remote user, the party address details were not displayed in a sales voucher or a delivery note. This occurred if a sales order was tracked in the sales voucher or the delivery note. This issue is resolved.


Security Control

     You can now disallow access to the reports under Multi Account Printing by disallowing access to the reports individually, while defining the security levels.


Excise for Manufacturers

     When a stock item predefined as Principal Input was selected in the Source (Consumption) section of the excise stock journal voucher, the quantity consumed appeared in the column Issued for Further Production u/n 67/69 of Daily Stock Register. This issue is resolved.


Excise for Traders

     In data migrated to Release 5.x, the column Rate and Amount of Duty (both in words and figures) appeared blank in the Sales Bill-wise report in Form RG23D. When you migrate to Release 6.0.3, this issue will not appear.

     On migrating the data of multiple financial years from Release 4.x to 5.x, Rate of Duty did not appear in the Excise Details screen of the excise purchase invoice and in the Supplier Details screen of the excise sales invoice. When you migrate to Release 6.0.3, this issue will not appear.

     The rate of duty was not displayed in the invoice printed from the data migrated to Release 5.5.8 when:

o     In Release 4.93, the excise duty rate was overridden in an excise purchase transaction.

o     A sales invoice was recorded against the excise purchase, then the data was migrated to Release 5.5.8, and an invoice was printed.

When you migrate to Release 6.0.3, this issue will not appear.



     When the attributes PrintFG and PrintBG were used in TDL to modify the foreground and background colours of vouchers or reports, the specified colours were not appearing in the exported PDF and JPEG formats.

This issue is resolved.