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Group Outstandings Report

This report displays the outstanding receivables or payables during a specified period for an entire group - Sundry Creditors or Sundry Debtors.

To view the Group wise receivables Report

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statements of Accounts > Outstandings > Group.

2.    Select the Group from the list. The Group Outstanding report is displayed as shown below:

Button options in Group Outstandings report

     F1: Detailed: Click F1: Detailed button or press Alt+F1 key to view the report in detailed mode.

     F2: Period: Click F2: Period button or press F2 key to change the period.

     F4: Group: Click F4: Group button or press F4 key to display the list of groups. Select the required group to view outstandings for the selected group.   

     F5: Led-wise: Click F5: Led-wise button or press F5 key to display only the ledgers and their debit & credit balances.

     F6: Age wise: Click F6: Age wise button or press F6 key to display the Age wise analysis of the Group Outstandings report.  For more information, refer Ageing Analysis report.

     F7: Billwise: Click F7: Billwise button or press F7 key to display all the bills outstanding from the ledgers falling under the selected group.

     F7: Bill-Party wise: Click F7: Bill-Party wise button or press Alt+F7 key to display the party-wise breakup of the Group Outstanding report.  For more information, refer Bill-Party wise report.

     C: New Column: Click C: New Column button or press Alt+C key to add a new column and compare the outstandings of different periods or different groups.

     A: Alter Column: Click A: Alter Column button or press Alt+A key to alter an existing column displayed in the report.

     D: Del Column: Click D: Del Column button or press Alt+A key to delete a column added using the button C: New Column.

     N: Auto Column: Click N: Auto Column button or press Alt+N to view a Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, 4 Week Month, Half Yearly, Quarterly or Yearly outstandings report.

     R: Remove Line: Click R: Remove Line button or press Alt+ R key to remove a line item from the Ledger Outstandings report.

     F12: Configure: Press F12 key to configure the Group Outstandings report. For more information, click here.