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Karnataka VAT

Tally.ERP 9 helps you remain compliant with VAT. Click the following links to know more about managing your accounts for Karnataka VAT.

Enabling VAT

Hierarchy of VAT Structure in 5.x


Stock Group

Stock Item

Party Ledger

Purchase Ledger

VAT Ledger

VAT Classifications

Sales Ledger




Branch Transfer Inward

Consignment Transfer Inward


Interstate Branch Transfer Inward

Interstate Consignment Transfer Inward

Interstate Labour Charges Paid

Interstate Purchases - Against Form C

Interstate Purchase Deemed Export

Interstate Purchases Against Form E2

Interstate Purchase Exempt

Interstate Purchase Exempt - E1

Interstate Purchase Exempt - With Form C

Interstate Purchases Taxable

Labour Charges Paid

Purchase Exempt

Purchase From Composition Dealer

Purchase from Unregistered Dealer

Taxable Purchases

Purchase - Works Contract

Purchase of Capital Goods



Taxable Sales

Interstate Sales

Sales with Additional Ledger

Sales Inclusive of Tax

Sales - Works Contract

Overriding Assessable Value and Tax Rate

Sales with VAT and Service Tax

Sales with VAT and Excise

Sales Invoice with MRP

Adjustments and Payments

Purchase Returns

Sales Returns

Journal Voucher

Increase of Tax Liability

Input Tax Credit Admitted on Capital Goods

Input Tax Credit on Purchase from URDs

Reversal of Input Tax

Refund of Input Tax

Tax on Purchase from Unregistered Dealers

Payment Voucher




VAT Form 100

Returns Summary

Particulars (Computation Details)

Payment Details in Report

Summary of Exceptions

Exception Resolution

Saving the Return

Overwriting the Return Form

Saving Return Form as Revised

Printing and Generating Returns

E-VAT Annexures

Sales Annexures

Purchase Annexures



Declaration Forms

Forms Receivable

Forms Issuable


Return Transaction Book

Challan Reconciliation Report

Tax Rate Setup