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Creating Tally.NET Auditor

Auditors can login and audit your company data remotely using their Tally.NET credentials.

To create Tally.NET auditor

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > press Ctrl+K to view the Remote Tally.NET User Login screen.

2.    Enter account administrator login ID and Tally.NET password to login to Control Centre.

3.    Select the option My Tally.NET Accounts from Control Centre screen.

4.    Select the required Account ID from My Tally.NET Accounts screen. The Control Centre screen for the selected Account ID appears.

5.    Select User Management. In the User Management screen.

6.    Select the required Security Level.

7.    Enter the e-mail ID of the user to whom remote access is required. The e-mail ID provided is the Tally.NET ID.

8.    Select or create the required Security Level.

9.    Set the option Tally.NET Auditor to Yes. The User Management screen appear as shown below:

10.  Press Enter to save.

Note: The company’s system administrator should authorise the auditor's Tally.NET ID and connect the company to Tally.NET server to allow remote access.