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Summary of Excluded Vouchers (Excise for Dealer)

This report displays the logical grouping of vouchers which are recorded during the quarter but are not considered in Form 2. The total voucher count displayed here will be same as the count shown in the Excluded Transactions row of Form 2 report.

The Summary of Excluded Vouchers appears as shown below:

The transactions are grouped under the following categories:

     Not Consumed in this Period: It displays the transactions count of excise purchase and excise credit note which are:

o     Pending to be cleared/ sold in the selected quarter.

o     Not linked to excise sales of current period.

     Different Excise Unit: It displays count of transactions which fulfils all requirements of Form 2 but belongs to another excise tax unit.

     Contra vouchers: It displays the count of contra vouchers which involve only bank and cash ledgers.

     Order Vouchers: It displays the count of transactions recorded in Sales Order, Purchase Order, Job Work In Order and Job Work Out Order vouchers, as excise is not applicable while placing an order.

     Inventory Vouchers: Count of transactions recorded using Receipt Note, Physical Stock, Stock Journal, Delivery Note, Material In, Material Out, Rejections In and Rejections Out voucher types are displayed here, as they are purely inventory in nature and do not attract excise.

Material In and Material Out vouchers recorded for stock transfers of excisable goods by marking it as excise are also displayed here.

     Payroll Vouchers: It displays the count of Payroll and Attendance voucher types, as they do not attract excise.

     Cancelled vouchers: It displays the count of vouchers cancelled by user.

     Excluded by User: It displays the count of transactions which have been manually excluded from Uncertain Transactions of Statistics. A transaction can be excluded only when the exceptions are not solved. If any transaction has been inadvertently excluded, it can be moved back under Uncertain Transactions. Once the exceptions are solved, it will automatically appear under Included Transactions section.

     No Excise Implications: It displays the count of transactions recorded using Journal, Receipt, Payment, Debit Note and Credit Note voucher types. Sales transactions recorded as commercial invoice by selecting excise purchase bill reference are also displayed here.

     Other Vouchers: It displays the count of Memorandum vouchers and Reversing Journal Vouchers.

On pressing Enter from any of the aforementioned categories of vouchers, the Excluded Vouchers report will be displayed followed by the voucher alteration screen.