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Configuring Cheque Printing

You can configure cheque printing using the F12: Configure option where you can enable the required configuration options, as per your requirements.

Configuring Cheque Printing

To configure cheque printing

1.    Click F12: Configure to view the configuration screen.

The Configuration screen appears as shown below:

2.    Enable the following options, as required:

o     Confirm each Cheque before Print? to display a confirmation prompt before printing each cheque.

o     Include Printed Cheques also? to display cheques that have been printed in the report.

o     Show Forex Transactions only? to display transactions recorded using a foreign currency.

o     Show Payment Favouring?  to display the Favouring Name in the report.

o     Show Remarks also?  to display the remarks.

3.    Select the required Display Name Style.

4.    Select the required Scale Factor from the list.

5.    Select the required Sorting Method from the list.

The cheque printing report screen will be  displayed according to the configurations defined.