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Statistics of Vouchers - CST Form I (Tamil Nadu)

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Summary of included transactions

Excluded transaction details

Summary of exceptions

The Statistics of Vouchers section displays the total number of transactions, categorized as Included, Excluded and Uncertain,  pertaining to a period.

1.    Total Number of Transactions: This displays the total number of transactions for a particular period. The total count is categorized as included transactions, excluded transactions, and uncertain transactions. Voucher count appears against each of these categories. The drill-down report of this row displays the Statistics report, which comprises voucher types with the corresponding voucher count.

2.    Included Transactions: This displays the number of transactions included in the report for a particular period. All vouchers having the required information, either in corresponding masters or in transactions, satisfying the requirements for filing returns are included here. These vouchers are a part of both VAT and CST Form - including all VAT/CST sales transactions, VAT/CST purchase transactions, VAT/CST sales and purchase returns, and VAT/CST adjustments.

     Annexure Ready: This displays the count of error-free purchase and sales transactions which form part of VAT Annexures. These transactions are captured under Included Transactions.

     Annexure Errors: This displays the count of purchase and sales transactions with errors which form part of annexures. Although only the voucher count is provided for Annexure Ready and Annexure Errors, the transaction details are made available in the drill-down reports to facilitate corrections to be made.

     Non Annexure Vouchers: This section displays the count of transactions which are not considered in the Annexures.

3.    Excluded Transactions: This section excludes all vouchers which are not related to VAT/CST, and do not form part of the Form VAT 100 returns generation. These transactions do not carry details pertaining to VAT and CST, and do not have any implication on Form VAT 100.

4.    Uncertain Transactions: Vouchers which fall neither under Included Transactions nor under Excluded Transactions are displayed here. These vouchers are related to VAT/CST, but they do not carry the information required to qualify as Included.

Summary of Included Transactions

The following transaction types will fall in Included Transaction:



     Sales Returns and Purchase Return Transactions

     VAT Adjustment

To view either the sales register or purchase register

     Select Sales or Purchase and press Enter

To exclude the voucher

     Press Spacebar to select the required voucher.

     Click X: Exclude Vouchers.

A message Do you want to exclude this voucher? is displayed. Click Yes to exclude the voucher.

Excluded Transaction Details

This displays the count of excluded voucher types which do not affect VAT. The following transaction types will fall in Excluded Transaction:

     Vouchers Excluded by User

     Contra Vouchers

     Payroll Vouchers

     Order Vouchers

     Inventory Vouchers

     No VAT Implications

     Other Vouchers

     Excluded due to other adjustments

A message Do you want to exclude this voucher? is displayed. Click Yes to exclude the voucher.

Summary of Exceptions

This displays the count of transactions which were neither included nor excluded in the VAT Form due to insufficient information about the masters or transaction.

The Uncertain Transactions Details screen has the following groups:

Master Related Exceptions

When the information provided in the masters created  is uncertain, the exception is listed under Master Related Exceptions.


     Unable to determine country/state

     Unable to determine party's dealer type


     Unable to determine duty type of ledger

Tax Details

     Unable to determine the tax details of the stock group/stock items

     Unable to determine tax details of group/ledger(s)

Transaction Related Exceptions

Conflict in Information

     Conflict in party's country/state in master and transaction:

     Transactions accepted with  tax information conflicts

Tax Mismatch

     Mismatch in Tax Amount

     VAT/CST Adjustment:

     Unable to determine the nature of adjustment:;

     Unable to determine purchase tax details