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Pre-close Orders in Delivery/Receipt Note

Orders can be pre-closed when goods are delivered or received. This can be recorded in a delivery note or receipt note.

ABC Company received an order on 4-9-2009 for 11 nos of Colour Monitor 17" at Rs. 17,500 each. On 5-9-2009, the Company received information to cancel 1 Colour Monitor 17" and delivery the rest.

Sales Order Voucher

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > F5: Sales Order to create a sales order for the transaction.

Delivery Note Voucher

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > F8: Dely Note.

2.    Click F12: Configure.

3.    Set the option Use Pre-Closure order details to Yes.

4.    Select Party A/c Name from the List of Ledger Accounts.

5.    Select Order No(s) from the List of Orders, if a sales order exists for the customer.

The Party Details screen appears as shown below:

6.    Select the stock item. The Stock Item Allocations screen appears.

7.    Select the Tracking Number. The stock item, quantity and rate will appear automatically as the sales order number is selected.

8.    Select the Godown.

9.    Enter the Quantity delivered and the Pre-Close Quantity.

10.  Press Enter.

11.  Enter the Reason for Pre-Close.

The Stock Item Allocations screen appears as shown below:

12.  Press Enter.

13.  Enter Narration, if required.

The Inventory Voucher Creation screen appears as shown below:

14.  Press Enter to save the transaction.

The above order is cleared since the quantity is delivered as per specification and one item is also cancelled using pre-close feature.

Note: The partial quantity of total order placed can be pre-closed by entering the pre-close quantity in Item Allocation screen of Receipt Note in alteration mode. The pre-closed quantity and reason entered in Item Allocation will be captured in Order Details screen.