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Creating POS Voucher Type with Voucher Class

The payments against POS invoices are generally made by way of cash, gift vouchers,cheques/drafts or through credit/debit cards. The payments accepted by the business can be pre-defined in the POS invoice. To create a POS Invoice Voucher Type with Voucher Class, you may create a new POS Invoice Voucher Type or alter an existing Sales Voucher Type.

To create POS Voucher Type with Voucher Class

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Type > Create.

2.    Enter POS Invoice as the Name.

3.    Set Sales as the Type of Voucher.

4.    Set the Method of Voucher Numbering as Automatic.

5.    Set Use for POS Invoicing? to Yes.

Note: The Use for POS Invoicing? option will appear only when the Default Tax Unit is set to Not Applicable.

6.    Enter Print Message 1 and Print Message 2, as required. You can enter any custom messages (such as "Thank You" or "Visit Again"), which will be printed at the bottom of the POS invoice.

7.    Enter the Default Print Title, as required.

8.    Enable Set/alter declaration, if required.

9.    Enter the Name of Class. The Voucher Type screen appears as shown below:


10.  Enable Gift Vouchers, Credit/Debit Card Payment, Cheque/DD, Cash as required and select the corresponding ledgers.


For Gift Vouchers, the ledgers should be created under Sundry Debtors Group

For Credit/Debit Cards, the respective Bank Ledger should be created under Bank account or Bank OD/OCC

For Payment through Cheque/DD, the respective Bank Ledger should be created under the group Bank Accounts or Bank OD/OCC

For Cash, the Ledger should be under group Cash-in-Hand

11.  Select any accounting ledgers that have to be pre-defined in the POS invoice  and the percentage of allocation.

12.  Select any additional accounting ledgers to be pre-defined in the invoice, and the Type of Calculation.

The POS Class screen appears as shown below:

13.  Press Enter to go to the Voucher Type Alteration screen.

14.  Press Enter to save.