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Auditor's Report (India)

An Auditor’s Report is a statement consisting of the auditor’s opinion on the fairness of a legal entity’s financial statements. Tally.ERP 9’s Auditor’s Report comes with pre-filled but editable statements that are required to be made by auditors.

To view auditor's report

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit Documentation > Auditor's Report.

o     To edit the statements, press Enter.

The Change Detail screen appears as shown below:

o     Press Enter or click Yes to Accept changes.

To print Auditor’s Report

     Click P: Print or press Alt+P.

The Print Report screen appears as shown below:

     Press Enter or click Yes to print the report.

Note: For print preview, click on I: With Preview or press Alt+I in the Print Report screen.

Button options in Auditor’s Report

A: Add Detail (Alt+A)

To include any additional statement in the Auditor’s Report. Place the cursor on the statement above which the statement being added has to appear.

     Press Alt+A.

The Add Detail screen appears as shown:

     Enter the required details, and press Y or Enter to save the detail added.

Auditor's Report appears with the detail added above the selected statement:

F: Report Type

Information on how to change the Report Type is already explained in this page.

Ctrl+F9: Remove Detail

Press Ctrl+F9 or click Ctrl+F9: Remove Detail to remove a particular detail in the Auditor’s Report.

Ctrl+F10: Restore Default

Press Ctrl+F10 or click Ctrl+F10: Restore Default to undo all changes made to the Auditor’s Report.

F9: Inv Reports

Click on F9: Inv Reports or press F9 to navigate to the default Inventory Reports like Godown Summary, Movement Analysis, Stock Summary and so on.

F10: Acc Reports

Click on F10: Acc Reports or press F10 to navigate to the default Accounting Reports like Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Trial Balance and so on.

F10: Audit Reports

Click on F10: Audit Reports or press Alt+F10 to navigate to the other Statutory Audit reports.