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Enabling VAT (Andhra Pradesh)

VAT for a state can be specified in Tally.ERP 9 by using the options under F11: Features. In the VAT Details screen, you can provide all the required details, such as TIN, tax number, tax rates and so on, applicable for a particular state.

To enable VAT

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Statutory & Taxation. The Company Operations Alteration screen appears as shown below:

2.    Set the option Enable Value Added Tax (VAT)? to Yes.

3.    Enable the option Set/alter VAT details? to open Company VAT Details and configure the VAT details, as explained in the next section.

4.    Enter the PAN/Income  tax. no.

5.    Enter the Corporate Identity No. (CIN).

6.    Press Enter to save.

To configure VAT details

1.    Click F12: Configure to view the Configuration screen.

2.    Select the state as Andhra Pradesh from the List of States (if the state is not selected in the Company Creation screen).

3.    Enter the 11 digit TIN allotted by the VAT department.

4.    Enter the Inter-state Sales Tax Number, if required.

5.    Enter the Inter-state Sales Tax Number (Prior to 2-June-2014), if required.

Note: In the field Inter-state Sales Tax Number (Prior to 2-June-2014), enter the inter-state sales tax number newly assigned to Andhra Pradesh.

6.    Enable Set/alter tax/rate details? to open the Tax/Rate Details screen. A single VAT rate which can be applied for all stock items in a company, can be defined from this screen.

7.    Enable the option Define VAT commodity and tax details as masters? if separate VAT classifications have to be created for each tax rate. You can apply these classifications to ledgers, stock items or stock groups.

8.    Under the Additional Information section:

o     Enter the name of the Circle.

o     Enter the name of the Division.

o     Enter the name of the Authorised Person.

o     Enter the Status/Designation of the authorised person.

o     Enter the Place of the business.

The Company VAT Details screen with all the required information appears as shown below:

o     Press Enter to save the Company VAT Details screen.

9.    Press Ctrl+A to accept the Company Operations Alteration screen.