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Recording Inter-Project Transfer

Create stock journal classes to account for transfer of material from one godown to another,  when a company has more than one godown, and account for the materials consumed for job costing.

To account for inter-project or site transfer

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > Click F7: Stock Journal.

2.    Select Transfer as the Class.

3.    Enter Destination Godown (for which one project is assigned for job costing).

4.    Select the Godown (for which another project is assigned for job costing).

5.    Enter Quantity and Rate.

6.    Press Enter.

7.    Enter Narration, if required.

The Inventory Voucher creation screen appears as shown  below:

8.    Press Enter.

9.    Press Enter to accept the stock journal.

Note: Stock Journal transactions which are recorded using godowns (tagged with a project), without selecting a voucher class will be displayed under Other Transfers in the Job Work Analysis Report.