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Visa Expiry Report (Payroll)

This report is similar to Passport Expiry Report and provides all the relevant information related to Employee such as Visa Number, Visa Expiry Date, and other details such as Employee’s date of joining the Organization and his/her contact details.

To view the Visa Expiry report

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports > Expat Reports > Visa Expiry.

2.    Select F2: Period to view the Visa expiry details of all the employees during the specified period.

3.    Click Ctrl+ F7: Employee Filters to view individual Employee/Group Employee Visa expiry details. On selecting this, a list displays prompting you to select either an employee or their groups.

4.    Click F5: Employee Wise to view the Visa Expiry details individually for Employees or toggle to view the report based on the Category.

Note: The F12: Configure and other buttons in the Visa Expiry screen are similar to other Expat Report configuration screen. For more information refer Passport Expiry.