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Introduction to Support Centre

The support centre allows you to post query or issues on the functional and technical aspects of the product.

To view the queries posted

     Go to Company Info menu or Gateway of Tally > Support Centre.

Note: Issues posted on the current date are in Blue.

The screen displays the following information:

Query List

The default setting of the page size to list the queries is 10. You may click on the link There are x rows more, show next x rows to view the next. Once the next 10 queries are displayed, the option 10 more, show previous 10 rows gets displayed on top of the list.

Ticket Summary

The Ticket Summary column displays the following:

     The Ticket number.

     The Account of the user.

     The Reported on date.

     The Current owner of the query.

     The Current status (Pending/ Closed).

     The Ticket interactions will display the subject of the query.

The second part of the Ticket Summary displays the following:

     The Date of the query.

     The Subject of the query.

     The query received From name.

     The query sent To name.

     The Description of the query.

Note: Click on Ctrl + R: Refresh button or Press Ctrl + R to refresh the query list.

You can also view the content in an enlarged mode, this mode displays a magnified view of the Ticket Summary.

To view the query/issue horizontally

1.    Highlight the required query/ issue from the list of queries.

2.    Press Enter.

3.    Click B: Go to Browser to browse the Ticket View in detail.