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Managing Users

You can administer users belonging to an account by assign security levels with predefined permissions in order to enable remote access, assign users to a site and maintain the active users as required.

To administer users within an account

1.    Go to Control Centre.

2.    Select User Management.

3.    Press Enter. By default, the Security Level for the User ID, Permission to access Tally.NET Server and the Status is displayed.   

To create the required user

1.    Select the required Security Level from the list of Security Level

2.    Enter the required E-Mail ID in the Tally.NET ID field. Using the e-mail ID provided a Tally.NET ID is created and the Password is emailed.

3.    Set Tally.NET User field to Yes when you want the user to access data from a anywhere using Tally.NET Server.

4.    Select the required status in the Status field from the list explained below:

o     Active: Set the status to active when you want the user to be in operational mode

o     Deleted: Set the status to deleted when you want the user to be removed permanently

o     In-active: Set the status to In-active when you want the user to be in non-operational mode. You can change the status to Active as required

Note: You can assign the required site name to a user in case of Multi Site. You cannot delete Account/Site Administrator’s ID from User Management.

5.    Press Ctrl+A to accept the user.