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Recording Purchase Returns (Chandigarh)

You can create a debit note for taxable goods that are returned after a purchase has been completed.

To create a debit note for taxable goods

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > Crl+F9: Debit Note.

2.    Enter the Original Invoice No. and Date of the purchase invoice against which the debit note is recorded.

3.    Select the required party name from the List of Ledger Accounts.

4.    Enter the required details in Party Details screen.

5.    Select the common purchase ledger.

6.    Select the required taxable stock items.

7.    Enter the Quantity and Rate.

8.    Select the common VAT ledger.

9.    Set the option Provide VAT Details to Yes.

10.  Enter the purchase details and select the Nature of Return as Not Applicable to account for purchase returns as shown below:

If the debit note is being recorded for any other purpose, select the relevant Nature of Return.

11.  Select the required Nature of Return and press Enter. The debit note appears as shown below:

12.  Press Enter to save.