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Saving Form 2 Return (Excise for Dealer)

You can save Form 2 return, overwrite it and, save as revised return.

Saving the Form 2 Return

In the Form 2 report, the provision to save the return is provided through F6: Save button.

To save the Form 2 quarterly return

     Go to Display > Statutory Reports > Excise Reports > Dealer > Form - 2 > F6: Save.

o     If the Uncertain Transactions count is zero, the message appears as shown below:

o     Click Yes to save the return. When the return is saved the button e-Return is activated to print Form 2.

o     If the Uncertain Transactions count is other than zero, the message appears as shown below:

o     If the return has to be saved without solving exceptions, click Yes. To solve the exceptions first and then save the return click No. When the return is saved the button e-Return is activated to print Form 2.

If any master or transaction is modified/added after saving the return, the values can be recomputed. The recomputed information can be:

     Overwritten on the Form 2 saved earlier.

     Saved as Revised Return.

Re-computing, Overwriting, Saving Corrected Return


To save the changes made in the saved return

1.    Generate Form 2 report for the period for which the return was saved (for example, if the return was saved for the period 1-Apr-2014 to 30-Apr-2014, then view the report for the same period).

2.    The message ‘(The return values might have been changed, press F5 to recompute)’ appears with a new section comprising details of:

     Modified Masters: If the duty ledger is not selected in invoice, this row will not show transaction count.

     Modified Vouchers: This row displays the total count of vouchers which are Created, Altered, Cancelled and Deleted. Press Enter to display the Summary of Modified Vouchers as shown below:


To view the list of transactions captured against each modification type

o     Press Enter on the Created or Altered or Cancelled or Deleted vouchers row in which transaction count is displayed.

o     Press Enter to display the voucher alteration screen.

3.    To include the changes made into the report and recalculate the values, click F5: Recompute. Once the values are recomputed, the section displayed for modified masters and transactions will not appear.


On recomputing the values of modified transactions, the Form 2 report displays:

     Two buttons, F6: Overwrite and F7: Save as Revised if all exceptions are resolved and Uncertain Transactions count is zero.

     One button, F6: Overwrite if Uncertain Transactions count is not zero.

To overwrite the recomputed information on the existing return

1.    Click F6: Overwrite. The message appears as shown below:

2.    Press Enter to accept and overwrite the data with modified details.

Save as Revised

To save the recomputed valued as revised return without overwriting the information, click F7: Save as Revised button. This button appears only if the Uncertain Transactions count of Form 2 is zero.

To save modified values as revised return

1.    Click F7: Save as Revised button. The message appears as shown below:

2.    Press Enter to accept and save the revised return.