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Stock Group

Stock Groups in Inventory are similar to Groups in Accounting Masters. They are helpful in the classification of Stock Items.

You can group Stock Items under different Stock Groups to reflect their classification based on some common features such as brand name, product type, quality, and so on.

Grouping enables you to locate Stock Items easily and report their details in statements.

For example,

Stock Item

Sub Group

Main Group

Brand A - 19” TFT

Brand A

Grade One

Brand A - 17” CRT

Brand A

Grade One

Brand B - 19” TFT

Brand B

Grade Two

Brand B - 17” CRT

Brand B

Grade Two

You now have ready details of Grade One and Grade Two products, duly classified. You can also view the sub group classification.

     Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Stock Groups.

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