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Recording Interstate Sales Against Form C (Assam)

Interstate sales against Form C can be recorded in the corresponding invoices.

To record an interstate sales invoice against Form C

1.    Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales.

2.    Enter the reference number in Ref. field.

3.    Select the party ledger in Party's A/c Name option.

4.    Set the option Is Against C Form to Yes in Party Details screen. This option appears only when the state selected is other than Assam.

5.    Select a common sales ledger in which the option Is VAT/CST Applicable is set to Applicable, and Set/Alter VAT Details is disabled.

6.    Select the required stock items. If the option Is Against C Form is set to Yes in Party Details screen, the tax gets calculated at 2% CST rate irrespective of the tax rates defined in the inventory or accounting masters.

7.    Select the common CST ledger.

     The ledger must be grouped under Duties & Taxes in which the options:

o     Type of Duty/Tax is set to CST.

o     Percentage of Calculation is set to ‘0’.

8.    Set the option Provide VAT Details to Yes to view the Statutory Details screen.

     Enter the C Form details.

The Statutory Details screen appears as shown below:

     Press Enter to save.

9.    Press Enter to return to sales invoice.

The sales invoice appears as shown below:

10.  Press Enter to save.