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Challan Reconciliation Report (Assam)

All the tax payment vouchers recorded for paying VAT and CST dues and other liabilities are displayed in Tax Payment Reconciliation report. For each payment, the bank and challan details have to be provided from this report.

To view the Tax Payment Reconciliation report

     Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Challan Reconciliation

To set the payment details for each transaction

1.    Click S: Set Details. The Stat Payment Details screen displays the from and to dates.

2.    Enter the Deposit Date. It can be the cheque deposit date or the payment date.

3.    Enter the bank details in Name of the Bank, Name of Branch, Branch code (remittance) fields.

4.    Enter the challan number.

5.    Select the Type of Instrument.

6.    Press Ctrl+A to save.

To display this transaction, enable the option Show transactions having challan details in Configuration screen.

Column Names



Displays the Payment voucher date.


Displays the bank or cash ledger selected in payment voucher.

Vch Type

Displays the name of the voucher type like Payment.

Vch No.

Displays the payment voucher number.

Type of Tax Payment

Displays VAT or CST based on the Tax Type selected in Stat Payment Details screen of payment voucher.

Payment Period

Displays From and To dates entered in Stat Payment Details screen of Payment Reconciliation report.

Deposit Date

Displays From and To dates entered in Stat Payment Details screen of Payment Reconciliation report.


Displays the amount entered in payment voucher.

Click F12: Configure in Tax Payment Reconciliation screen to configure additional details.

     Show payment for: Based on the payment type selected here, the transactions are displayed.

     On selecting Payment Type as

o      VAT - Payments recorded by selecting the Tax Type as VAT in payment voucher are displayed.

o      CST - Payments recorded by selecting the Tax Type as CST in payment voucher are displayed.

      Show transactions having challan details: By default, transactions recorded without providing challan details are displayed. On enabling this option, all tax payment vouchers for which challan details are provided will also be displayed.

     Show narration: On enabling this option, the narration entered in the payment voucher is displayed.