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On-Demand Data Synchronisation

On-demand data synchronisation gives your organisation the ability to share information across your locations in a simple, secure, reliable and scalable manner. You can now seamlessly manage your business data across multiple points, and send or receive data to and from a central location without the need of being in an always connected mode.



Flexible Synchronisation

Send sync requests from server or client at any given time, without having to worry about connectivity at both ends.

Tally.NET Server

Data is synchronised using Tally.NET Server, which connects the client and the server.

Sync Direction

You can choose the direction for synchronising masters and transactions as:

● Send only

● Receive only

● Both

For example , the branch offices can only send or/and only receive transactions from head office. The direction depends on the rule created.

The table below shows the direction of synchronisation for transactions and masters:

Client Rule



Send only

Receive only

Both (send and receive)


Safety and security

On-demand synchronisation ensures safety and security of data within the Tally.NET Server. After data is synchronised Β at the receiving end, Tally.NET Server deletes the data.

Note: If the synchronising party does not accept or perform synchronisation within 7 days, a new synchronisation request has to be sent.

For example ,

● Company ABC synchronising data from the head office (HO) accepts the request initiated by the branch office (BO) on Monday.

● The Tally.NET server deletes the data after the synchronisation is complete.

● If the data is not accepted in 7 days, it is automatically deleted.

● Branch office now has to resend the data to the head office by initiating a new sync request.