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Saving Annual Return (Gujarat)

Form 205 is the annual VAT return form filed by registered dealers in Gujarat. This annual return form can now be generated from Tally.ERP 9. Further, to help users in verifying the tax details before generating the returns, an accompanying report is provided that displays the tax computation for the return period.

The report is designed in way to allow you verify and finalise the annual return before filing. You can save the original returns, in case changes are made in periodic returns after saving, the report can be recomputed to updated the latest changes and either be overwritten or saved as revised.

When the annual return is saved multiple times, the latest saved version is exported/printed.

To save the annual return Form 205

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > VAT > Form 205 .

2. Click F6: Save . The following message appears when there are no unsaved or modified returns to be resolved:

3. Click Yes to save the return.