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Creating Sales Voucher Class with Override using Item default

You can either alter the existing Sales Voucher Type or create a new voucher type based on their requirements.

Configure Voucher Class

Go to Gateway > Accounts Info . > Voucher Types > Alter > Sales

Give a name to the class under Name of Class say Sales Class A . You can create more than one class. Specify the table of class as shown:

Override using Item Default:

Item default refers to the Default Ledger account that you had set for a Stock Item.  It is possible to enter a Tax Invoice having multiple items with different VAT/Tax Rates. Item default refers to the Sales Ledger account that you may have set for a stock item.

If you set Override using Item default to Yes and specify a Sales Ledger in the Class Table, the sales Ledgers set in the item masters will still be considered.

Default Accounting Allocations

Set the option Default Accounting Allocations for to Not Applicable (Refer to Voucher Class - Allocation of Stock Item for the usages of this option). All the stock items that will be entered in the voucher using this class will be automatically allocated to this Ledger account selected here. Of course, the stock item record remains as it is and can be viewed separately.

Configure Stock Items

Create Stock Item say Item D and Item E and set Yes to option Set/Modify Default Ledgers for Invoicing and specify as below:  (To display this option, enable Specify Default Ledger Allocation for Invoicing in F12 configure ).

Item D

Item E

Record Sales

Go to Gateway of Tally >Accounting Vouchers > F8 Sales > select Sales Class A

The VAT Ledgers are selected automatically.

Select Party’s name and select Item D and Item E and check.

The Items will be automatically allocated to the Ledgers defined in Item Master and VAT calculation automates and facilitates the user to pass the entries faster and with ease.