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Recording Export Sales under GST

You can record the export of goods using a sales voucher.

In an export sales transaction, taxes are applicable based on the type of export:

Taxable export: Integrated tax is applicable. Select Exports Taxable as the Nature of transaction in the sales ledger created for taxable exports.

Exempt export: No tax is applicable. Select Exports Exempt as the Nature of transaction in the sales ledger created for exempt exports.

Export under LUT/bond: No tax is applicable. Select Exports LUT/Bond as the Nature of transaction in the sales ledger created for exports under LUT/bond.

o Export under LUT/bond is applicable when you have signed up a letter of undertaking with the department for the export of goods without the payment of duty.

o To provide details of the LUT/bond, enable the options Enable Goods and Services Tax (GST)? and Set/alter GST details? in Statutory and Taxation features. In the Company GST Details screen that opens, enable the option Provide LUT/Bond details? , and enter the details in the LUT/Bond Details screen.

To record export sales transaction

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales .

2. In Party A/c name , select the customer ledger or the cash ledger.

3. Select the sales ledger. You can also create separate sales ledgers for taxable exports, exempt exports, and exports under LUT/bond, and select them during the transaction.

4. S elect the integrated tax ledger if it is a taxable export.

5. Provide GST details - Yes , if you want to enter additional details regarding the export transaction.

The printed invoice appears as shown below:

Sales with LUT/Bond

Record a sales invoice for sales against LUT/Bond:

With sales ledger predefined with nature of transaction Exports LUT/Bond .

Without selecting tax ledger.

Print the invoice by enabling the following options:

Print GST Analysis of Items?

Print HSN/SAC details?

Print GST % column?

Print HSN/SAC column?

The printed invoice appears with the GST analysis and tax rate as shown below: