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"Use Edit Log for transactions/masters, and digital signature for invoices/reports with Release 2.1. Download NOW!"

Data Management

You can manage your company data efficiently in Tally.ERP 9. The following features help you manage, and share your data securely in a connected environment:

Backup and Restore

Taking a Data Backup

Restoring Backup

Splitting Company Data

Splitting Company Data

Verify Company Data

Exporting and Importing Data

Exporting Data

Export Formats

Exporting Masters

Exporting Vouchers

Exporting Reports

Import Data

Import Masters

Import Vouchers



E-mail a Report from Tally.ERP 9

Mass Mailing

Uploading reports generated from Tally.ERP 9

Tally ODBC

Tally ODBC

Outward Connectivity

SQL Query

SQL Query

Connectivity and Compatibility with Tally.Server 9

Connectivity and Compatibility with Tally.Server 9