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Creating Stock Categories

This option allows parallel classification of stock items. Like Stock Groups, Stock Categories are also classified based on some similar behaviour.

This enables you to obtain reports for alternatives or substitutes of a stock item.

To create a Stock Categories

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Stock Categories > Create (under Single Stock Category). The Stock Category Creation screen is displayed as shown below:

2. Enter the Name of the Stock Category.

3. Specify whether it is a primary category or a sub-category of another category in the field Under. Select Primary from the list, if you do not have a parent group. Use Alt +C to create a parent if you do not have the required category in the list.

Buttons specific to stock category creation


Short Cut Keys

Description and Use

G: Groups


Allows you to Create a Stock Group.

I: Items


Allows you to Create a Stock Item.

U: Units


Allows you to Create a Unit of Measure.

O: Godown


Allows you to Create a Godown

V: Vch Types


Allows you to Create a Voucher Types

Note: Godown buttons are visible only if you have opted for the same in F11: Features .