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Changing SMS Suffix of a Company in Tally.ERP 9

SMS Suffix is a unique identification number allotted to each company when it is connected to Tally.NET Server . The first company connected to Tally.NET Server gets number 1 as the SMS Suffix for the respective user. The SMS Suffix increments correspondingly as the number companies connected to Tally.NET Server increase for that user. The SMS Suffix is limited to nine companies only, that is, nine companies only can be accessed via SMS for an authorised Tally.NET user.

While querying for information, when the user does not provide the SMS Suffix the system assumes that you are querying with the company having SMS Suffix 1 and responds accordingly.

Assuming that you have a number of companies connected to Tally.NET Server for querying information and you need to query the information from the 7th company frequently, then you will have to send the query to specified number suffixed with 7 which may be a little cumbersome. Instead Tally.ERP 9 provides you the flexibility to change the SMS Suffix to a desired number.

To change the SMS Suffix for the required company

1. Go to Company Info menu.

2. Select Login as Remote User . The Login As Remote Tally.NET User screen appears:

o Enter the Administrators E-Mail ID in Your E-Mail ID field.

o Enter the required password in Your Tally.NET Password field.

The List of Remote Companies screen appears as shown:

3. In the set of Online Companies displayed:

o Select the required company.

o Click C : Chg SMS Suffix.

The Change SMS Suffix screen appears as shown below:

4. Enter 1 in the New Suffix field. The List of Remote Companies screen appears as shown below: