Creating Service Provider Ledger (Service Tax)

You can create ledgers for your service providers under the Sundry Creditor group.

To create Service Provider Ledger

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create .

2. E nter the Name .

3. Select Sundry Creditor as the group name in the field Under .

4. Enable the option Maintain balances bill-by-bill? , if required.

5. Enter the Name of the service provider under Mailing Details .

6. Enter the Address .

7. Select the Country from the List of Countries .

8. Select the State from the List of States .

9. Enter the PIN Code .

10. Set Provide Bank Details to provide bank details .

11. Enter the PAN under Tax Information .

12. Enable the option Set/alter service tax details?

13. Press Enter to save.

The Ledger Creation screen appears as shown below:

14. Press Enter to save.

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