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Schedule VI Rule Configuration (India)

Users can classify Tally Groups/Ledgers under Schedule VI Income and Expenditure Heads as required, all the while keeping the Profit & Loss A/c and data intact.

To configure/reclassify the Schedule VI mapping rule,

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Financial Statements > Profit & Loss A/c .

o Place the cursor on a Schedule VI Head and press Enter .

The Note Summary for the selected Schedule VI Head appears:

o Drill down into the Schedule VI Heads in the Note Summary report for Schedule VI Rule Configuration .

Schedule VI Rule Configuration for Ledgers

Schedule VI Rule Configuration for Groups

Schedule VI Classification

The procedure to configure Schedule VI Rules for both Ledgers and Groups are the same.

Schedule VI Rule Configuration for Groups/Ledgers can be done based on Classification Type and Schedule VI Groups.

There are 6 ways to classify the balances of Tally Groups/Ledgers under the different Schedule VI Heads :

Entire Balance

Bifurcate Balance

Dr/Cr Closing Balance

Dr/Cr Pending Amount

Dr/Cr Transactions Total

Group Nett Balance