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Recording Sales with VAT and Excise (Goa)

In Tally.ERP 9, you can record an excise sales voucher to account for sales with VAT and excise duty within the state of Goa. You need to enable the configurations for entering the required VAT and Excise rates applicable for the items.

To record a sales invoice with excise duty and VAT

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales > Tax Invoice .

2. On enabling excise, the sales invoice is marked as Excise . If it is not marked as Excise , press Ctrl+E to use it as excise sales invoice.

3. Enter the reference number in Ref. field.

4. Select the required Tax Unit .

5. Select/retain the Excise Book Name .

Note: The Excise Book Name linked to tax unit appears automatically. If multiple excise books are linked to tax unit, the required excise book can be selected from the List of Excise Books .

6. Select the party ledger in Party's A/c Name option.

7. Select the sales ledger grouped under Sales Accounts . In the sales ledger, set the options Is VAT/CST Applicable? and Is Excise Applicable? to Applicable .

8. Select the required stock item.

9. Select the Godown , enter the Quantity and Rate in the Stock Item Allocation screen.

Note : The purchases are automatically linked to sales invoice, when the option Use defaults for excise bill allocations? is enabled in F12: Configure .

10. Select the excise duty ledger.

11. Select the VAT ledger.

12. Set Provide VAT Details , as required. The excise sales invoice appears as shown below:

13. Press Enter to save.

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